04 January 2012

happy 2012


We're already a couple days in to this new year and things are happening! There are things to look forward to, places to go, people to meet, and lots of time to be still...

Next week I start French lessons which I'm really looking forward to. I took French back in college for a little but then it fell by the way side especially when we were learning Italian. Now I feel like my Italian is at a good place where it will only help in my learning of French (with the patterns, conjugations, etc) and instead won't have to be forgotten to clear my brain for a new language. Plus, French will come in handy on my many trips to Morocco and the future retreats to France!

On the travel itinerary this year is a myriad of places...as for the EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats, I've started to break up the trips to seasonal times. This year there are six retreats planned so far...leading to my main goal of eight by next year. For this spring I have two in Marrakesh planned for February and March, then it's to Italy (Venice and Tuscany) in May, and back to Marrakesh in September as well as another week in Ischia.

In between all of this I hope to do some research trips for future retreats in new locations and climates! And then the big question I get is "Does Chris get to go with you on these?" Usually the answer is no, as he has a more regular vacation schedule, so we hope to go to a new place this year for both of us as our main holiday - either Iceland or Japan. Both of which we've always wanted to visit! We'll have to see how the year pans out.

I hope to be sharing some more exciting news soon in the way of yoga...lots of opportunities lie on the 2012 horizon. One of my goals and intentions that I wrote down for this year is just to be more organized with all of my daily tasks - actually have a systemized approach at getting things done. For some reason this quote has kept coming up in my mind. Funny that it's from Woody Allen, but to me it is partially how I'm going about this next year - showing up, being present, and doing it day after day.
"Eighty percent of success is showing up." —Woody Allen


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for your blog which I have been enjoying. I am writing today to ask you to follow up on your June 2010 post "summer infusions" where you gave a recipe for Rucolino. I wondered if it made it to NY! HA! I am betting 'not', but would like to hear about your results.
Thanks again.
Fred in S. Carolina

erin said...

Hello Fred, thanks for the comment. Yes, we really enjoyed the Rucolino - it turned out great actually and we were recently talking about making another batch. It, as you guessed, did not make it all the way to nyc with us on our move - it was long gone before then :)