01 February 2011

a walk around the villa

Thanks to all of you spreading the word about the EAT.PRAY.MOVE yoga retreat in Italy this summer! I've already had a sign up in the first week and am talking to several more people who are seriously interested! All the support is really appreciated - and don't stop telling people about it!

I've started a blog specifically for the retreat as well, which you can find and follow here: blog.eatpraymove.com. I'll still post periodically on Olive Notes about the yoga retreat, but wanted to keep this more of my personal blog as normal, so I'll definitely post most EPM-related subjects on the other blog. For a transition, though - here's a bit of one of the first posts over at Eat.Pray.Move...

I know I've written multiple times over the past few years about our friends' villa in Umbria and the lovely art retreats they host.

Well, since I just announced the upcoming yoga retreat I'll be leading there this summer, I thought I'd give you a few more reasons to why I can't wait to get back there. (Plus, I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, you'll read this and picture yourself there with me this summer as well. *hint*)

There are so many reasons really, but let's start with the little ones. The small pleasures...Let's take a walk around the estate where the EAT.PRAY.MOVE yoga retreat will be held, shall we?

Heading out the villa, past the olive tree in front, and down the pebbly road we're greeted by Tartufo & Tiddly Feet, the resident pets ready to take an afternoon stroll as well. Tartufo is aptly named as, you see, he's of the specific breed of dogs trained to sniff out those Italian treasures in the Umbrian earth, tartufi (truffles). Funny enough, those types of dogs even look like truffles with their brown, uneven surfaces.

As we continue up the road the pebbles change to packed clay and on either side of us are sweeping hills of winter wheat and depending on the season, there are endless rows of sunflowers or red poppies, or even a freshly plowed field revealing orange earth. The layers of colors and textures are always changing, always beautiful.

Stroll past the lines of cypress towering over us, guiding us long the paths of the estate. Cypresses, which so iconically invoke images of Italian landscapes, are often seen lining the edges of drives and seem to welcome a traveler forward. As we head back over the last hill, the villa comes into view once more and the afternoon is topped off with a glass of wine on the terrace.

Won't you JOIN ME?!

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