25 January 2011

big news :: yoga retreat in italy!

Wow. So, I've been working on a project behind the scenes for months now. Well, I say months, but really the idea has been stewing for much, much longer than that. It's just been months that I've actually been laying out the logistics, finalizing the details, and planning the launch.

There's still a larger, backend overall venture in the works, but for now, the main first project is a GO!

A YOGA RETREAT IN ITALY! (yes, I did yell that at you - I can't help it!)

I'm very excited about the whole thing and look forward to what it will lead to. Many of you who have read my blog for years, are also "blogosphere" friends with Amanda and Julian who run the art retreats "Artist in Italy" out of their lovely Italian villa which they spent the past several years restoring with much love and detail.

So I'm so happy to be offering this first retreat with them as the lovely hosts. There are only 7 spots available for this intimate retreat, and everything is included from lodging in the villa (such beautiful rooms which I've stayed in several times and absolutely love), homemade Italian cuisine prepared by Amanda (keeping it vegetarian for this retreat, and still using some organic and locally produced ingredients), wine, transportation, daily yoga classes plus meditation, tour guiding, and day trips. Julian is even offering some of his art expertise during the week, specifically offering an "art as meditation" class as well as extensive art history knowledge on the day trip excursions.

There will be plenty of time to relax, but also opportunities to really push physical limits (if that's what you feel like doing) in the yoga classes. I'll be leading a morning and evening class (level based on final participants). Also, during a full day trip to Florence, Julian and I will combine street and art tours of the gems of the Renaissance city, and an afternoon yoga workshop will be held at the It's Yoga Firenze studio with the lead instructor, Melissa.

Other highlights of the week will include trips to nearby villages, olive oil and wine tastings, a visit to a thermal spa, and even two dinners out to restaurants who will prepare a feast of traditional courses for the guests.

I'm sure I'll be talking much more about this as the time approaches, but will you do me a favor and spread the word, per favore?

• Check out the website: www.EATPRAYMOVE.com for all the info

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Annika said...

WOO!!!! That sounds amazing and I have no doubts that the spots will fill up right away! I'd love to come but I've never taken a yoga class in my life :D
How exciting!!! Good luck!!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Auguri!!! I am so excited for you.

I agree with Annika, the spot will fill up quickly.

Unfortunately, my yoga days ended after I ripped a tendon.

erin said...

Thanks Annika! You should come anyway ;) You can just enjoy all the food and tours. :)

Arlene...well, I'll definitely make a stop in Rome too while I'm there so I can see you!

Fingers crossed about the spaces filling up!

somepinkflowers said...



i am NOW going to pass this link
on to 3 friends
who i think might enjoy this...

{{ me?

i have morocco & london
on my calendar for this spring
so that is that for me }}

Stephanie said...

oh my!!! I would LOVE this, but it is not in my budget currently. I will bookmark your beautiful site and keep my eyes peeled for other offerings.

This is so right up my alley and I never say never.

thanks for the visit and thanks spf!


janie said...

Erin-this is so exciting. It's the perfect thing for you to do. I wish I was going to be in Italy then-I would come over and say hi!

LindyLouMac said...

Your new venture sounds very exciting and I wish you all the best.

kristi wright said...

Oh that looks amazing!! I want to shoot a wedding in Italy SO bad! So exciting!!