08 November 2010

day in rome 2

a look over the ruins of the Forum

My last day in Italy was spent in Rome awaiting my morning flight out the next day from Fiumicino Aeroporto. This is the usual schedule for me, as I like to take my time in the morning of departure and not have to add another long train ride to the already long travel day ahead of me.

When I arrived, I dropped my bags off at the hotel, and decided to grab a coffee and then head to a yoga class at the astanga studio where I'd visited a few weeks before for a workshop. It was nice just being able to pop in and practice a bit, as even after just one day away from the studio in Florence, my body was ready to work again.

Caesar and his flowers

As the Rome studio is near the Colosseum, I took my time walking the long way around the ancient structure as I headed towards the other side of the Forum. As I strolled on the sidewalk along Via dei Fori Imperiali, looking down to the ruins which sit well below modern street level, I passed the old victorious statues of Caesar. One of these looming images held a wilting bouquet of roses in his hands. I sat for a few minutes on a bench close-by and just stared at it. Wondering how someone got all the way up there to place them, but decided to stop wondering and act like it was just Caesar's way of welcoming me to the city.

Constantine in pieces

I continued on my way, and just past the massive monument building to Victor Emmanuel II in Piazza Venezia, I arrived at the Musei Capitolini (Capitoline Museums). I've tried twice before to visit, but always ended up going on the day they're closed. This time I checked ahead of time and was in luck. Aperti.

This collection of three museum buildings sit over some of the most ancient ruins of the city on Capitoline Hill. They house an amazing variety of masterpieces, monumental works, and historic articles. The front courtyard welcomes you in with the pieces of a colossal broken statue of Constantine. Head, feet, hands, elbows, a calf...all spread out on display along the stone walls.

my French map • amazing chandeliers that I couldn't stop admiring

Inside Marcus Aurelius sits on a huge bronze horse in a victorious ride among thousands of other pieces to view. I really enjoyed the collection and visit....although I was given a French guide by the guy at the ticket counter (with no words exchanged at all). I think I get French as the guess to my nationality more than any other country...oh well, at least I could still follow the grid and color key to know where I was going. I thought it was funny, so I just kept it instead of exchanging it.

view from the terrace at the museum

Before I left, I went to the panoramic terrace to get a view out over the city. I took a bit of time to say goodbye (or more like, 'see you soon') before I decided to have a nice long restful evening in the hotel preparing for the return trip the next day. So although it was a pretty early evening, I turned in for the night and reflected on my wonderful time in Italy.


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