08 October 2010

yoga, italian food. repeat.

It's been too long I know. I'm here in Italy. And I'm not really posting too much.

Sorry about that.

It's just that I've been really really busy and very very focused. My days consist of lots and lots of yoga training, with a few breaks that are always filled with lots and lots of amazing Italian food. It's seriously one of the best places to go through training, since you can (and need to) eat a lot. And what better place to do that?

...I had a huge piece of cheesecake last night at 12:30. yep. and I don't feel the least bit guilty :)

dusk view over Arno from the Ponte alle Grazie.

Besides food, I've been overwhelmed with the amazing things that I've encountered on this trip - the people (old friends, and new ones), amazing weather (the perfect seasonal change from warmer summer days to the cooling down of fall nights), the sights, and the culture.

view towards Florence from Fiesole

I've been able to take in the city in a new way this time as I'm out for every meal and have found some places that I've made my "regular" spots, as well as trying many new places as well. Even in the times between classes when I'm free, I'll just enjoy the walk around the city, across the river, past the beauty. I absolutely love taking passeggiate here. I tend to "stroll" everywhere instead of just walk. Stroll to get a caffe, stroll to pick up my laundry, stroll to find a place for lunch.

passing a villa on a walk in Fiesole

Through the past couple of weekends, I've been able to get outside the city a bit. I've gone up to the neighboring hillside town of Fiesole a couple times already to visit a friend (and enjoy the views over the city), and last weekend I was able to go to Rome for a yoga workshop with a teacher I've been wanting to meet for a while. And, of course, squeezed in a little time around the Eternal City.

I can't believe how the time is flying by, and everyday I try to really be intentional about my time here, thankful for the experience and focus I've been allowed to pay to the training, the trip, and the experiences. Many times just walking alone through the streets here makes me smile to be blessed like this.

reflection in the Arno on a gorgeous weekend morning

To appease the appetites of several people who've been asking for updates, here are some photos of the past couple of weeks (although I haven't been taking many photos overall). I'll do a specific post on the days outside Florence....soon I promise :)


Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Please post your food recommendations when you're done - I lack a good list of places to try in Florence - all the places I know are small sandwich shops :)

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen said...

Glad you are enjoying yourself! You can post all about it when you get back! :)

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I lack a good list of places to try in Florence - all the places I know are small sandwich shops :)


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Sounds like the perfect trip-enjoy every single moment!

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