14 July 2010

blog feature :: warm pears

I traveled back to Rome this week...

in my mind.

thanks to some some magical photos via Warm Pears.

I recently found this blog and was captured for a (long) while as I looked over the lovely photographs by its author, Gina. She is an American [photographer. dreamer. blogger. cheese-lover] living in Rome.

There are many categories of photos on the blog, but my favorites are from the series on Rome. Not only are they beautiful images, but I can completely see that they are taken through the eyes of someone who has a real connection with the city. With its rhythm, nuances, and overall spirit. I really feel the heart of the people and the streets through her photos.

So if you can't physically get to Rome, then take a journey through Gina's atmospheric lens.



nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree. Gina is incredibly talented.

LindyLouMac said...

Gina is a lovely virtual friend of mine :)

:: Gina :: said...

I hope to meet you one day and take you out for a gelato! ... thank you again for this post, means a lot to me.