15 June 2010

back in the boot :: part 6 (talented mr. ripley)

front of Castello Aragonese where Tom gets off the bus in "Mongibello" • Dickie's house (Palazzo Malcovati) • Chris standing outside of the house

So if you were keeping up at all with my ramblings leading to our trip to Ischia, you'll know that a huge inspiration came from my favorite film, "The Talented Mr. Ripley". As soon as we arrived I immediately recognized several places and I can't count the number of quotes that I kept reciting every time I turned a corner. *Go to the past post here to reference some film screen shots for comparison.*

Although I know it may sound a bit silly - it really was quite exciting to finally see a lot of these places firsthand. But it in no way eclipsed the immediate and strong connection I felt to Ischia from the beginning; a feeling which only grew stronger the longer we were there. There was just something lovely about the place - from the people, the hospitality, the natural beauty, the pace...

....ah, but this is for another post. On with the film talk...

Bagno Antonio - beach scene where Tom first meets Dickie and Marge

Just down the road from our hotel was the star of Ischia Ponte: the Castello Aragonese. This castle on a rock was the backdrop for many of the scenes during the main part of the film when they're in "Mongibello" (the fictional town name).

When Tom first arrives in "Mongibello" we see him meet up with Dickie and Marge on a crowded beach. After some research I found out that this was the private beach "Bango Antonio" which was farther up the shore than I'd imagined. Still, just a leisurely stroll later, and we had arrived. It was our first full day in Ischia, and the morning was a bit overcast, so we used it to wander around. Since it wasn't time for bathing suits quite yet, we sat at the little bar/restaurant for a caffe while we watched just a couple people meandering through the beach chairs.

other side of Dickie's house overlooking area of "Festival of the Madonna" • another view • looking from near balcony

Later we headed back towards the Castello and found the building which stood in as Dickie's house. The villa "Palazzo Malcovati" is a private residence, and juts out into the sea interrupting the walkway along the water's edge. On the side facing the Castello is the balcony where many of the patio scenes took place.

On the more northern side is the balcony where Tom, Dickie, and Marge stood while watching the "Festival of the Madonna" celebrations. This small cove seemed much smaller in real life, but I recognized it immediately.

Procida: town scene in Piazza dei Martiri with bocce ball, etc • road with Silvana's market stand on left • walking down Via San Rocco where Tom watches Dickie meet up with Silvana

Finally, we headed over to the neighboring island of Procida (just about 15 min by boat) where the in-town scenes were filmed. This is also the main location of the popular Italian film "Il Postino". It's quite a small island, and we walked from the main boat harbor to the southern end of the village, Corricella, where we passed the Piazza dei Martiri where most of the scenes were shot. It was surprising how many of the locations (Silvana's market stand, bocce ball court, steep road where Tom and Dickie walk and ride scooters) were all within feet of each other. I really just stood in one spot and took photos while I turned in different directions. I haven't seen Il Postino in a couple years so I'd love to watch it again to see what the town looked like in that context too.

I know I've included clips or trailers from the film before, but this one was provided by Ischia.org and mainly shows clips from the Ischia/Procida scenes, so most of the photos from above are in here...plus, it's dubbed in Italian which is always amusing!
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nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Your photos are lovely.

Hopefully I will make it to Ischia someday soon.

somepinkflowers said...

how you are unfolding your trip with the movie references!!!


{{ gush gush gush }}

as i own TTMR
and watch it at least once a year!

they are ALL so good in this }}

now of course
I feel a Sense of Desire
to go on this very same trip.


well done, missy,

{{ whilst you were HERE
i was doing this--->
Montmarte in Paris from "Amelie"
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