26 May 2010

packing packing. island dreaming.

Well we're about to head out to Italy and I can already smell the Amalfi lemons.

I've been wrapping up some things at work this week and of course, packing and packing some more. I usually enjoy getting ready for a trip. Making the to-do lists, checking things off, trying out outfit combinations, getting the travel bag ready with books, mp3s and eye masks.

Since I posted last month about Italian Summer Style after we had decided on Ischia as a destination, I've had a few people ask me what I've ended up packing. I can say that different trips call for different packing methods. We've done the backpacking thing before and prided ourselves on only taking 2 changes of clothes, one pair of shoes, and basic toiletries. Pros: not packing very much, lighter load to carry, easier to get ready each day. Cons: not packing very much, having the exact same thing on in every photo from the trip, limited excursions (i.e. nice dinner out).

This time, though, since we won't be moving to a new place each night, it will be nice to take a few more options. It's pretty much our cardinal rule not to check bags, so we will still only have our carry-ons, but they'll be packed with some fun summer island style choices. One great thing about warm weather destinations is that you can fit a lot more outfits in the bag unlike heavy winter digs.

After I laid out most of my choices, I saw a few themes: neutral palates with small color pops, a few bows, and stripes. Nautical stripes are one of the most talked about trends for spring/summer 2010 and not only are they adorable, but also quite classic and reminiscent of islands, harbours, and European vintage. All of which equal the perfect match for our destination. I had already dog-eared a few striped shirts, but then finally looked at the entire lot of pieces and found stripes hiding in some other pieces that I'd forgotten about. Even on one of the bathing suits I'm taking.

So in the spirit of the previous post when I shared the mood board by WhoWhatWear called "Currently Channeling: The Talented Mr. Ripley", I decided to just make a similar board of some of the pieces I chose for this trip:
Chanel-inspired half-tint sunglasses (so glad to have found these [w/o the $1k]...looked for them forever!), Sperry washed canvas boat shoes, Tavik "Red White & Crue" bikini, Anthropologie strapless romper, Voluspa Malayan Coco Perfume (coconut bark, sandalwood, lemon hinoki), mixed vintage bangles, Franco Sarto cork t-straps, thrifted oversized striped top, black AA tank, vintage black woven skinny belt, Donna Karan high-waisted cream linen pants, tan Marc Jacobs turnlock bowler.
Reading material: Vogue and "The Gulf of Pleasure" by Alan Ross, 1951 (observations and poems of Ischia and Gulf of Naples). Camera.

buon viaggio!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I am useless at packing light.. totally.. I might have to give it another try soon :-)

Enjoy Italy .. lucky ;-)

janie said...

Wow-you'll look fantastic and as stylish as all the Italians! Have a wonderful time. I'm home and so sad to be back-enjoy every minute.

Monika said...

Hi bella, i haven't read your blog (or any for that matter! Having a baby means nearly 0 time for yourself anymore!) in a while...great to see you heading back to your beloved Italy for a holiday. Have fun and safe and happy travelling xx