26 June 2009

swine flu, schmine flu

Headed a little south next month.

A bit for vacation, a bit for adventure, and a bit for another purpose.

When we've been deciding where to take off to next, I seriously went to Barnes & Noble and had books from 4 different continents lying around my spot on the floor, as I sat cross-legged and wide-eyed. To say we had no direction was an understatement. Little by little it got narrowed down, and the final decision is quite close to home comparatively.

We're going to Mexico. Going to explore the Yucatan for about a week to check out some Mayan ruins, caves, pyramids, cenotes, and reefs...then flying to Mexico City to meet up and volunteer for several days with the group Armonía that Rosa Loves has been raising money for.

When we found out that we could stay and work alongside this group, it definitely solidified the "where are we going" question. I'm super excited to meet the people of this humanitarian group, who work with "some of the country's poorest urban and rural communities transforming poverty into life".

A good friend has worked with them for the past several summers and actually is the one that brought the story to Rosa Loves. You can read more about the amazing story here. Shirts are being sold to raise scholarship funds for a few of the boys that Armonia supports, to go to college.
"These scholarships mean many things for these young men, as well as for their villages. They provide an opportunity to go to university and study, but, beyond that, they provide an avenue of hope for their village. Many of these villagers live in extreme poverty, and are so far from anything else that help or transformation is nearly impossible. Each scholarship recipient agrees to go back to their village for at least two years to put into practice what they've learned at university for the benefit of their community. For many, this is a willing joy, as they learn agricultural, business, or education practices that will improve the lives of their families and communities."

There are just a couple hundred more shirts to sell and we're hoping to be able to deliver the rest of the funds to the group...
So if you want to make a huge impact in a couple of boys' lives, get involved:




I look forward to bringing you news after meeting and working with this group personally...and really hope that we can give them the rest of the scholarship money if it's raised before we leave.

...until then, I'd better brush up on my Spanish.

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nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I hope you are having a great trip!