28 July 2008

around the house

I know, I know...I've been a bit of a slacker on here since we've returned. I'm only averaging about one post per week, which is well below the norm during our time in Italy. I don't really have an excuse, but it's hard to focus when everything around the house is in disarray as we remodel a bit. We're nearing the end, and slowly some rooms are coming towards the final touches. Here is a small photo tour of some of the details I've had fun putting together...

painted floors • glass door knob on the closet • Italian book corner

We painted the ceilings a super light warm blueish-gray...Palest Pistachio. The walls, a mix of White Mosaic, Golden Straw, and Edgecomb Gray. After looking at eco-friendly, recycled options to replace the old carpet in the bedrooms, we decided that the best 'non-impact' way to remodel, was to use what we already had...so we ripped up the carpet, sanded the plywood, and painted over with a glossy warm charcoal porch paint Kendall Charcoal. Love it. Someone commented that it looks "Anthropologie-esque". If you know me, then you know this is a major compliment :)

Pick one room and make it yours.
Go slowly through the house.
Be polite, introduce yourself,
so it can introduce itself to you.
-Under the Tuscan Sun

painted wrought-iron vintage handles • an intersection of colors • wall corner details

In the office we did the same with the floors, got some great heavy, long black and white tapestries for the windows, and I even "shabby-chic"-ed (my made-up verb) an awesome vintage armoire we found at a store in town. The wrought-iron hardware on this piece is so unique, and I painted Chris' desk to match.

Artwork is making it's way back onto the walls, along with lots of new photos from our time in Italy. The kitchen and guest bath are the last on the agenda over the next 2 weeks...then I think we'll be able to take a sigh of relief.

banana blooms • hopper guest • heart-shaped cocoon

Not only has the inside of the house been bustling with activity...so has the outside. Since the summer has been a very tropical, rainy one this year, we've had 2 of our many banana trees actually produce fruit. I doubt that the bananas will reach full maturity, but it's nice to see the bunches hanging over the yard. Also, the area is experiencing a visit from a not-so-welcomed guest this season...these monstrous locust/grasshopper things that eat, eat, and eat. But they are colorful and interesting to look at. Fellow St. Augustine blogger SomePinkFlowers posted about this phenomenon this morning as well.

So these are just some of the happenings around our house these days...I'll keep you updated on the progress.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

erin - your house is so beautiful. I love dark wood floors with walls that color.

I like your attention to detail like the glass door knob. Do you every read the blogs Apartment Therapy or Decor8?

Romerican said...

Gorgeous eye for detail- complimenti!
The best thing about owning a house is being able to decorate & redecorate it.

My Mélange said...

Isn't decorating fun? I love it, especially going to the flea markets to see what treasures I can find to change the look of things.

Keep having fun with your house :)

erynchandler said...

i'm crazy about the changes you guys have made. i love glass door knobs, your color palette, and that awesome floral wall detail you did.

have you been to whatisblik.com

reading your post makes me even more anxious for our home to be built so we can go crazy with decorating!!!!!

i want more pics :-)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I am so jealous of all you Augustinians with your fruit trees! ;)

Your house sounds wonderful Erin! I love how creative you guys are getting!

(oh and thanks for the link to the other SA blogger) :)

Ice Tea For Me said...

I love the glass door knob and the colors you chose.

erin :: the olive notes said...

nyc: thank you! I do read Apartment Therapy, but I'll have to check out Decor8.

romerican:You're right about the owning part. We always have a project going

my melange: I wish we had a good flea market...but there are lots of antique stores! It's so fun to browse

eryn: I'm sure you're house will be amazing! I'll have to post more when it's all done :)

jenn: well now you're an augustinian too! You need to get a potted citrus tree or something :)

ice tea: thank you! It's fun opening our closet now

somepinkflowers said...

hope those are not
my relocated hopper~grass giants
over there at your house...


your house
looks gorgeous,

{{ magazine worthy, for sure }}

Rowena said...

You know I've actually seen banana trees here in Lecco but never the fruit. Not humid enough? I told my husband that I wanted to grow a papaya tree in our yard. He busted out laughing.

Looks to me that you are super busy, not a slacker! If we ever decide to buy an old place...maybe..one day...I love that little snippet from Tuscan Sun!

janie said...

You have great decorating ideas-I've always wanted to do a painted floor. Your house looks great!

Graziano said...

very interesting blog, nice choice to move here i'm interested to know a foreign point of wiev about italians affaires
bye from Milan

Karen Cole said...

Hi there Erin,

Thanks so much for your comments. The appreciation was very much appreciated (:-).

Your world is looking beautiful in Florida. The way you photograph and display them on your blog, would tell me that you already have a great sense of "place" and design, so it's no wonder that your house is looking pretty "anthropologesque".

qualcosa di bello said...

i admire how you have re-entered into your american life...& with such beauty too!