10 December 2007

the winner is...

So last week I wrote about trying to decide where we will be going for a little Christmas holiday! ...and we finally reached a decision! ...we are going to...*opening the envelope*...the beautiful area of...*drum roll*...Lake Como!

Varenna from the lake

We are staying in the lovely little village of Varenna on the central east side of the lake. This will be our first time to the Lombardy region of Italy, and being that it offers a view of the snow-capped Alps, it felt more of a "winter" retreat than an island in Souther Italy. After going back and forth with the decision of which town on the lake in which to stay (Como, Bellagio, Lecco), we finally choose Varenna because of the many pleasant reviews I've read and also the beauty of this small town. Even though it's more of a "get away from it all" village, Varenna does have things to do and see, and the other towns are just a ferry ride away.

our room is in the orange building

We are staying in a small apartment on the waterfront and hope to have a relaxing time with not much to do but wander. One thing I've been craving for months is a long bath...and since we only have a shower in our apartment in Florence, I made sure that we'd have a tub on our small holiday! So besides wandering around, I will also be finding a good book, a water pillow, and settling in for a long stay in the vasca da bagno (bathtub). There is a wonderful lakeside prominade and cute little pedestrian streets in the town to see, as well as a couple historical mansions and gardens to visit.

I hope that we'll get to take a ferry ride across the lake to the nearby Bellagio, nicknamed "Pearl of the Lake"...and in some circles considered the most beautiful city in Europe. It will be nice to see the true, upscale town of Bellagio in contrast to the Las Vegas hotel of the same name which we saw last year! (I personally can't stand Vegas- as it's just a big, fake, knock-off of a city. Nothing in it is original, but just copies of the true beauties that are other places in the world. It feels like being stuck in a cheap nightmare. But I did enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show and the Bellagio fountains). Ok, back on the subject...we booked the apartment on Friday, and bought train tickets this morning - so it looks like we're on our way next week! I'm really looking forward to it...maybe we'll even run into George Clooney (who has a house just up the lake and is said to frequent the restaurants in Varenna)...you never know!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am so with you on Vegas...not a fan!

Let us know how you like your place in Como. I def. want to visit next year.

Annika said...

Although I've only passed through it to catch the ferry cross the lake to Menaggio, I can testify that Varenna is one absolutely enchantingly beautiful little town. I think you made a great choice!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi there just came over after looking at http://nikinpos.blogspot.com/.

How envious I am, We (husband) and I have just come back from Lake Como...we stayed in an apartment in Argegno..which is on the opposite side to Verenna..it was beautiful. We were there for 10 days 5th November til 14th. Please look at my blog..


I have posted lots about our trip and lots of photos. Hope you have a brilliant holiday, I am sure you will. If you do get to Argegno, try and find the cable car to take you up to Pigra..and if you get time, find the square In Argegno and call into Cafe Columbo, lovely people, very friendly..we went there quite a bit. My husband was renamed Mr Corona Man..mention this if you can. Lovely girl called Laura works there, and Helena. We used the ferry service which is great. Hope to hear from you sometime..have fun.

Eryn said...

i've never been to vegas but have NO desire to go. alex has always wanted to and i DON'T get it!

have fun enjoying the "real" thing. the photos are soooo beautiful...very envious.

enjoy your vasca da bagno!

Gil said...

We stopped in Vegas on one of our cross country trips and stayed just long enough for my wife to win a few hundred bucks on the slots. We tipped the hostess, asked her to recommend a steakhouse and a motel where the locals would go and left. I don't think we were in or around the casinos for more than an hour or two.

Now, Como that was time well spent for the two days we were there. Enjoy your trip.

katerinafiore said...

OH MY GOD....That is the town my Uncle is getting married in!!! And I know exactly what hotel you are talking about, someone famous lived or stayed there. You both will have a lovely stay there....Enjoy!!!! Ciaoooo

Michellanea said...

I know that town very well because my husband's family have a house in the mountains right above there. There's a really nice castle above the town (http://www.castellodivezio.it/) that I suggest visiting, especially for the panoramic view out over the lake. I'm not sure about public transportation up there (and you will definitely want to check opening hours), but it's worth a visit if possible!

erin said...

nyc: I will definitely give a full recap!

annika: yay! i'm glad you think so...

anne: I have been reading through your blog! Thanks for the tips on Como!

eryn: so right about Vegas

gil: yes, I'm glad to be going to Como (and skipping Vegas! :) ) I only won $7 on the slots (after 10 min inside and 2$ spent)

katie: that's so funny! When is he getting married?

michellanea: thanks for the tips...we'll check out that castle if we can get to it!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thank you for looking at my blog. Hope you have a great holiday, look forward to reading all about it.