03 July 2007

our 2 homes :: girlfriends

Continuing the post series on "Our 2 Homes" comparing/contrasting/things we'll miss/what we're excited to experience...I figured I'd write about a subject that is very important to me and something that I've been trying to be more aware of in my life - my girlfriends. I guess this post could really just extend to all of my friends, and the community of people in our life here in St. Augustine (and those who are in and out of the area as well). Last Thursday night and yesterday evening as well, we had a "girls' night out" and just packed fun snacks and went to the beach. We chatted on our towels and played in the waves laughing so hard that it hurt - all while the sunset spread beautiful streaks of color across the sky. Sometimes in the midst of a moment like this, I pause...look around...like I'm watching someone else...and try to take it in...and know I'm blessed. And I think that, "yes, these are the moments I'll miss" but at the same time I know that my wonderful friends will be a part of my life no matter where we live.

I also know that I'll be forging ahead to begin new friendships with other wonderful women in Italy; and I look with anticipation to meeting new people and becoming part of a community in our new home town! It's been such a great thing getting to know others through expat forums and blogs - many that have been so helpful and supportive that I feel like I've taken up friendships although not having met in person. There are already a handful of dates that we've made with others in Florence for when we arrive. I'm really looking forward to going out for an appertivo, cooking dinner, or just strolling around the city with new girlfriends - and building community around our life which is so important!

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