06 January 2007

hungry for gelati

Recently I've had a slight craving for gelati
(Wikipedia: "Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert made from water, milk and/or soy milk, combined with flavourings, sweeteners, and a stabilizing agent. The gelato ingredients are first pasteurized then super-cooled while stirring to break up ice crystals as they form. Unlike ice cream, gelato machinery whips almost no air into the gelato, resulting in a dense and extremely flavorful product. This allows even non-dairy gelato to match and sometimes exceed dairy-based gelato or ice cream for taste. ")
- and I've had 2 reminders of this today - once at work, a coworker mentioned a cafe downtown that serves it and it was the best icecream he's ever had, and again on a blog that I'm currently reading Living in Florence by Melinda Gallo which mentioned a place in Florence called GROM. I went to the website and read about their ingredients, flavours, and Slow Food Foundation membership - I can't wait to try the Huehuetenango Coffee flavour or Pistachio - which was one of Chris' favorites!

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